In the morning

My brother is going drive me to Glenwood to meet my husband for the second half of the journey home. We’ll meet at a sushi restaurant to commence the exchange.

Much of the week in my hometown was spent doing standard housework and errands for my mom and Grandma.

My ma seems in good spirits after a successful surgery, she’s hurting but on the mend. I took the ladies to the graveyard to pay our respects to family and friends of laid to rest and today prepared a large portion of the food for a BBQ my mom asked my brother and I to arrange, her busband was back just in time for some yard work and burgers cooking but will be leaving town again for business shortly after myself, thankfully my mom’s childhood friend will be coming into town for the next week to make sure recovery keeps track. The scar from the surgery is pretty gnarly but she thinks she’s regaining sensation in parts of her leg she’d been experiencing numbness in previously. Good news.

At the BBQ, storm clouds threatened in the distance without raining on the party but a gust of wind sent the big red table umbrella flying and with a swish of Mary Poppins magic I caught it midair before it could go wayward into my seated grandmother. According to the others it was quite an impressive sight.
My brother’s boyfriend and his son helped uproot a bush so moms husband could replace it with a really lovely rose, while the rest of us enjoyed the sunshine and birdwatching. It seems like it was a good day. Maybe tomorrow will be good too.

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