I Love You

How could you care less about someone who loved you more. No matter what you put me through, I will always love you. You may not know it but you don’t need to. You made me feel so special even if I never really was, I will never forget the way you touched me, the way you made me feel. Your touch, your presence, made me feel safe, like home. You will never know how I feel about you, I act like I don’t care but I promise you, I really do. I wish I had to courage to tell you, even knowing you will never feel the same way. But I can’t help but wonder if I could change your mind. I love you. Now and always.

2 thoughts on “I Love You”

  1. line after line
    I should follow my heart
    Needed remembering by no sorrow

    Most of all
    Reaching for you
    inch wrestled against me and you
    Aforementioned I don’t list my degree
    Random at best
    Timeless classic.
    yours faithfully test.

    W. G

  2. Maybe you SHOULD let the person know. Even if we do have a habit of thinking we’re going to get a negative reaction. Often times it’s more of a mature response rather than the person saying “Are you crazy”? Or worse. Lol. You’ll never find out if you don’t try. How do you know for sure that they don’t feel the same way? Do yourself a favour. Then you won’t constantly be wondering about that person’s response. Doesn’t matter what the current circumstances are. You never know.

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