I Love You

How could you care less about someone who loved you more. No matter what you put me through, I will always love you. You may not know it but you don’t need to. You made me feel so special even if I never really was, I will never forget the way you touched me, the way you made me feel. Your touch, your presence, made me feel safe, like home. You will never know how I feel about you, I act like I don’t care but I promise you, I really do. I wish I had to courage to tell you, even knowing you will never feel the same way. But I can’t help but wonder if I could change your mind. I love you. Now and always.

One thought on “I Love You”

  1. line after line
    I should follow my heart
    Needed remembering by no sorrow

    Most of all
    Reaching for you
    inch wrestled against me and you
    Aforementioned I don’t list my degree
    Random at best
    Timeless classic.
    yours faithfully test.

    W. G

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