Is it, Soulmate?

What do you call someone who has never once agreed to hang out with you, will not answer their phone under any circumstance, and feels it’s necessary to block you everywhere just so no one in the world could ever make the mistake they wanted anything to do with you?

5 thoughts on “Is it, Soulmate?”

  1. No I would not call that person your soulmate. Unless there are other circumstances you have not divulged in your post.
    A soulmate is someone who you are drawn to, when you meet them they feel like home, like you have known them your whole life. There is a vibration between the two of you that is hard to describe.
    You can be away from your soulmate for a long time you will miss them terribly but when you reunite it will be like no time has passed at all. Your soulmate won’t run from you. Your soulmate will be drawn to you as you are drawn to them.

  2. Running could be a part of the soulmate experience. Soulmate doesn’t mean easy.

    And not everyone you’re drawn to and feels like home is a soulmate.

    1. Why shut down the comment with a Nah, you’re wrong and I’m right type of comment? Basically implying you have the correct knowledge on the subject.

      How can you have the correct answers on a subject such as ‘soulmates’ that exist completely without evidence, other than personal experience?
      Which in turn, doesn’t make someone else’s views/personal experience of the same subject wrong.

      So yeah Nah I couldn’t answer the original question. Everyone’s experience if they have one is going to be different.

  3. I can understand nah. I think everybody brought up valid points.

    Ever wonder if some people confuse being a soulmate with being a soul light or guide?

    Just a thought

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