Why I Had To Let You Go

I want to start with I’m sorry. I’m sorry for coming on so strong. I’m sorry for expressing my feelings the only way I knew how. I’m sorry I couldn’t make you happy. I wish you could have felt the way I felt about you… it was the purest of love.

I realized that I had to let you go and get rid of anything that reminds me of you, including your initials on my shoulder. I already started getting it removed and I have no regrets. You were right, I shouldn’t have pledged my loyalty to you.

I would have proposed to you if you never called the police on me. I realized I don’t want a bitch who would do something like that to me. It was the absolutely the best way to destroy any feelings I had for you, so good job. I’m not bitter; I feel bad for your future husband. You could do better than me but I could do better than you too…

It was an eye opener to see how you treated someone who loved you with everything… I will never forgive you, I will never pursue you, and I will never love you again .

I use to think you were my soulmate… lmao 🤣 now I just think you’re a cunt . You showed me you’re evil, toxic, and everything I don’t want in a girlfriend.

I hope I never see your smug bitch face again. You’re stupid enough to drown in your shallow life so I’ll leave you alone forever. I’m just going to forget about you like you forgot about me. Congrats, my heart doesn’t even ache for you anymore. I’ve moved on and you could be dead for all I care. Go fuck yourself, I hate you.


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