i’m sorry that i slept with the guy you liked, i am not trying to make excuses but at the time i had no idea how much you liked him, i was very drunk and had a crush on the same guy since freshers but i never told you. would it make it better if i told you i also liked him? probably not. I hate how somehow girls have developed a system where even a crush means you have some sort of owership over a boy. I can’t lie, it’s a little childish but i guess i should have respected how you felt and the fact that you wouldn’t do it to me.
But you can’t blame me for everything, it takes two to tango. Everyone else knew but also decided not to tell you. Did you really want to know? He just needs to tell you that you two are never going to happen.
I know I am in the wrong but also you have to realise that it meant nothing and was so long ago now. What am i meant to do? Boys really mess everything up.
I don’t know why i’m even writing this, all i want to say is I am sorry and i can’t make it up to you i know but i wish we can forget about this mess

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