Body language

Looking back, for all the time we spent together, it was always like we kept a nervous physical distance. Like we were both concerned what sparks might fly or explosions might detonate if our bodies got too close.

There was one time I remember, you broke the ‘safe’ radius, came down and sat next to me. In your mind, you probably thought, he’s a nice guy, I’d like to get to know him better. That thought took you about 2 secs to process. Little did you realize, in that same time, my mind converted to the strongest supercomputer on earth, and this is what I processed:

Why is she sitting next to me right now? Is it so I can get a closer look at the new shade of lipstick she’s wearing? I bet she picked it to make me want to kiss her more; that worked but now I want her pretty lips wrapped around me, I won’t shower my dick for days just to see that shade smeared from how good you sucked me. And what’s that? A lower cut blouse than usual? Did I somehow drop my cool and you saw that after a long and successful partnership, I was revoking my favored plaything status of my dick, so that your lovely breasts would be my official favorite toys. Like we’re laying in bed, you’re reading a book, and I get bored so I take your breasts, one by one in my mouth and enjoy. You can keep reading I don’t care. Now I’m getting crazy, this is all clearly in my head. But wait a second now, the way that you just closed your legs….I know what that means. You want me to grab your kneecap don’t you girl? And then slide my hand slowly along your thighs, parting the way to the gloriousness between your legs. Let me ask you a serious question. Do you keep your pussy tight for me baby? Will you teach me the virtue of patience, when only my tip fits and I have to gently struggle to fully enter you? No, I’m crazy, it’s all in my head, I can tell from the way you just swiveled in your chair. Unless you didn’t want me to forget about that juicy booty. Clearly you know what you want. Because when I flip you around or bend you over and take you from behind, letting out all the frustration and angst I’ve bottled inside for the very occasion, it gonna be that sexy ass I slam into over and over again. Good thing, otherwise I literally might break my dick off inside you like a prison shank so I can be constantly fucking you. I guess the only question I have left, and believe me it’s the most important one, but baby, where are you gonna let me cum? Down your pretty throat? All over your chest? Would that make you proud to see all my desire manifested all over you? Or maybe, if I’m a good boy, will you let me have the one thing I want more in this world than anything else? To cum inside your perfect pussy. Because it’s one thing to fuck you, and it’s a whole nother thing to claim you as mine and only mine to please and fuck and please and cum inside til you have no doubt my dick is all you’ll ever need or want.

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