Dear Suspended Attorney

Do you ever take responsibility for your actions? Or just constantly blame others? Neglected clients that were the most unsympathetic, but it’s another matter that you did it to their families. They still had hope, bc you offered them hope and then you ignored them after families gathered their money to pay your retainer. I had no intention to discuss this here. But you know why it’s here, you brought us, for the most unconscionable of reasons. You constantly blame other people as having harmed you, for pointing to the public records that clearly state you are not in good standing. Clients that went on record after petitioning to have you disbarred, not because you didn’t win for them, bc you disappeared and did not work their vases, blowing off court dates, not filing petitions. You play social media games with other Attys, other researchers whose research you stole. You demonized them, claimed they stalked you. No one believes it, despite your telling anyone willing to listen. That wasn’t enough, so you decided to take matters in your own hands and engage in cyber harassment and cyber stalk other people. All to silence people that stood up to your harassment and your blame shifting lies to other people. You hang out with people that have a history of stalking to help your cause. No one penetrated your devices, hacked your phone, called your family. These are your lies…but you got someone to do this for you to people you want to intimidate and silence. Do you have a place that you use to process grief with an unknowing audience? I did..and bc of your destructive behavior, you thought it funny to hijack mine after hacking my device and browser history. Spoiled my one reprieve. You claim your critics are boundary-less. No they stuck to public forums and disputed your lies with public info. You are the one without boundaries. I hope they prosecute you and put you in jail this time.

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