A brutal experience working at the bank call center to have the bulk of my paycheck going to childcare, my husband and I crunched the numbers and realized we’d actually save more money doing the stay at home mom gig. One day of overtime for him was a weeks worth of full time employment for me, his company actually takes pretty good care of him.

During my time as house mom I was able to do a lot hands on work with her education prep ( happy to say she’s doing great with) and with the support of a number of learning games I even had a little time to myself to lay down some groundwork in my own activities.. a little video game action, some painting, and mountains of housekeeping maintained that never ends. I even did a refinish on our kitchen counters at one point.

Most recently I got the kid enrolled in kindergarten for the upcoming year despite my deep fears that I’d be too inept to navigate my way through it or that the Rona will further destabilize society in such a way that the risk outweighs the rewards of social education.

The plan once she enters school is for me either pick up a stay at home job to keep floating with our one car vehicle sharing or devote that time to put in a faster pace for painting completion. I have a number of large pieces on the verge of completion and in the past as I listed my art I was able to sell the works which at least set a baseline for introductory valuations. I’m not entirely confident but it’d be nice to see at least one of my desired pursuits come to fruition.
Aside from my own personal endeavors, with the pandemic assistance provided this last year we were able to pay off the loan we took out for new windows in the home and we’re looking to take out another small loan within our fiscal comfort zone to complete the rest of the renovation, some hard floors to replace the shambled carpet, fully functioning kitchen appliances, and a furnace replacement/duct cleanse. What’s exciting about that is it means we’re not in a stagnant space, the home won’t fall into disrepair because we’re unable to maintain and that’s a good thing.

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