Shouting from a Megaphone

I know deep down to my marrow
Through the testimony of our Old World
That we are meant to be together.
I have crossed this lifetime
Anxiously awaiting your magnificent hands
To hold and for gravity to finally give way.
I have trekked through time and space
Over hills of parallel worlds
Just to reach you.
There has been an undeniable connection.
I know you can feel it too
Even when you drift away,
Even on your darkest departures.
Please come back.
We are fate dressed up as coincidence.
Can’t you feel it vibrating in your bones?
I’m here.
Waiting for you in our New World.
Kiss me today because we are running out of tomorrow’s.

5 thoughts on “Shouting from a Megaphone”

  1. My heart would flutter if I received this from my person. I think the most beautiful piece of writing I have seen on here. Jury is out, send it! Definitely.

  2. Hi, thank you for the words of encouragement but theres a variety of reasons its on here and not given to my person. I appreciate that you enjoyed it though!

    1. Even if you did not send this to your person, thank you. Really thank you. I know it is not for me, but just putting this out in the galaxy, it still helps people. ‘Cause these are beautiful words, and whoever they are intended for should feel very special.

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