1. I gave u nothing? $140 for ur habit + $50 in drawers, in a month. pay for ur own shit
2. U have no job live with a woman who tolerates u 4 some reason & U talk shit about her
3. U want to dictate to me how I spend MY paycheck and bitch about how I expect u to throw the trash, wash the dishes, cook? hmm when u dont pay any bills & the only reason I have dirty dishes is because Im NOT buying take out for 2 when Im the only paying for anything, lights, internet, rent, TP, paper towels, soaps, etc.. literally EVERYTHING i pay for, then yes, pull ur weight. WTF is wrong with u? you think a woman is going to gladly pay everything bc she works 8 hrs a day while u play video games ALL DAY and then she’s supposed to cook ur ass dinner too, and wash the dishes?? omg youre insane.
4. You are an overgrown child, not a man. I will NEVER take orders from the likes of u. You dont own me, slavery is outlawed u racist asshole! I will never stop being thankful I finally got u out of my house and my life.

Stay the hell away from me. Never come back. Keep looking for someone to mooch off you waste of life, space, oxygen, and time!!!

One thought on “POS”

  1. I wrote this same type of thing 3 years ago.
    I had to leave the house as he would not. Could have gone to court to evict…but it was faster to just leave.
    Pack what you need and Just leave.

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