Dear Stephen

I still miss you so much. Life isn’t the same without you around. At least you would never dream of running off with another woman, because you actually truly respected me. You had the deepest love for me. I could tell that you weren’t dodgy in any kind of way. I have yet to meet another man who I can trust. I’m not really even sure if it matters that much to me to even find love again after you’ve passed away. It’s never even entered my mind about finding love again. You were the icing on the cake. My family loved you to the moon and back. It’s always hugely important to me that my family get along well with whoever I end up dating. I saw a young lad today with absolutely amazing green emerald eyes. They were truly stunning. They twinkle. I wanted to clone them amazing green eyes. It’s only been two and a half years since you died. How could God be so selfish taking you from me this soon? I will always remember you as changing my life for the better. I love how you always serenaded me every morning at the dining table. It melted my heart. Truly.

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