Gas lighter

Your narcissism created complex stories that are 99.9% embellishments however occasionally they may contain the smallest grain of truth or perhaps something based on the fleeting glimpse of an inconvenient truth.

You pushed and continue to push a narrative that fits the boxes you have created for yourself. In your drive to been seen as perfect you showed no mercy in pushing me and others to our absolute limits.

Now the mask has slipped, what do you have to show for it? That is apart from the same blame game you constantly play. The one where everyone around you is to blame, in your twisted logic you are faultless and hence you hide behind the false assumptions that you have nothing to be remorseful about.

The simple truth is, you can hide behind lies, politics, faith or whatever. You are still the same as you always were.


4 thoughts on “Gas lighter”

  1. What annoys you and what you hate about others is your own reflection.

    I bet you’re a fucking asshole

    1. I salute you for your efforts in judging someone you have not met. We all have our stories and although we paint them in one dimension I readily agree all stories are multi dimensional. The truth also is same, different perspectives give different truths.

      The one constant we have is that when we judge others we are actually perceiving ourselves. What you think of me without meeting me can be found when you stand before the mirror.

      Peace out!

    1. Hi, we all have someone and to some degree we are all liable to be and do same.

      Duty of care is something I learnt very late, my advice avoid vexation of the spirit as much as you can.

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