Money, money, money.

Girl, just because you have a gigantic TV, it doesn’t mean I have to.
Just because you blow all of your budget on expensive stuff, it doesn’t mean I have to.
I know you want to help me spend my money on stuff for my new flat, but I think you’re getting a bit too carried away. I don’t need a massive over-rated TV. I’m going to be living on my own in the flat, so there’s no point. I need a decent normal-size TV. You, however, have five kids. So maybe you need a cinema-size tv, but I really don’t think that’s sensible because they’re so heavy that they could easily fall off the wall bracket, because of how heavy it is. I looked at a really pretty pale pink kettle, and it was only £10. You were looking at the same kettle on the Amazon website and it was way more expensive on Amazon. You’re just trying to make me run out of money, so that I end up living back at the care home. I can see RIGHT through you. It wouldn’t work anyway, because I don’t ever want to live in another care home ever again. I’ll make sure that I never end up back in care. Despite whether you and your gossip minions think I can live on my own or not. It’s not for you to judge. I have boundaries. I will not allow you to how much money to spend on things. You like everything bigger than big anyway. I personally think it’s stupid and a load of nonsense. Think what you want about my efforts. I don’t need you or any of your co-workers to validate whether I can or can’t do stuff. Don’t be sticking your nose so far up my arse. Your kids are adorable, you have a husband, you have literally everything, so what gives? I’m just another person in this world trying to create a new life for myself. What’s the catch?

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