Child Grown

In his eyes reflected decades of absentee love. Love never to be realized, caress of touch never to be felt, love’s glint chasing across eyes met, never to be seen, the possibility that lives intersected was purposeful and meant would be discarded. The field of sunlit flowers dies away in time, it leaves fleeting glimpses and times fog on memories. The child is grown, the dream is gone. Sadly only husks of the child’s heart remain, cold winds overwhelm the warm breezes of a hopeful man’s youth. Playful words tinged with the adoration of his youthful desire are erased, slapped from his lips by realitys cruel hand.If ever doubted, please know all is written in complete honesty and true remorse of a past life denied. That childman will be missed until he too vanishes into time’s relentless fog. I hope these innocents, tarnished by time, will rediscover this soft field and get it right in the next life.

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