The alternative to growing old

Dear muse of my life,
50 some odd years ago fate found its way to intersect our lives and in its playfully cruel fashion only left one of us permanently tethered to the moment. I always trusted that we would somehow find each other through life’s chapters and we sorta did. After a tour in the A.F, we reconnected and it was as if no time had passed, it always was that way. We, or at least I, felt the oneness of our relationship, the friendship that I knew would ignite and seal our fates together. Fate and what I missed because of my blindness had different thoughts however. We were always attached to others, again my blindness interrupts reality. My other became intensely jealous of you because of my absolute happiness in being around you, it was the truth and my only path to peace was to not communicate with you and maybe I suspected you were happy with your blond haired, blue eyed other and I was just dreaming. I don’t know and will probably never know if you ever felt about me the way I did about you. 3o years pass and I never stopped thinking of you, internet search showed you had married as I had and yet you were still that deeply fused part of me, no time had passed in my passion.
Then my marriage started crumbling, our last child out and jobs pressures showed the weakness I always knew existed but never faced, I really never wanted this but my weakness and my pity on her situation, hero complex!, now had me feeling cornered in my own life. So I did what every cliched a-hole, self pitying wimp does, I locate what I thought was the cure,YOU!
My God you were!

To be continued….

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