I’ve done nothing wrong

I liked you, we were, as according to others as well, like bff’s.
I was very nice, said you’re a blessing, like sunshine, and I really think you are great.
Made a few jokes about marriage, one you went along with.
I did say we would be better as friends and we agreed all was good.
I even asked you, have I been OK?
You said yes.
Then you went weird and ignored me.
Fine. But then, I discovered you crying to someone I wouldn’t leave you alone always watching and following. That’s a lie, a total lie. I have done the opposite of that.
I am hurt and feel terrible that you were upset.
But I literally have not done it.
Then I discovered you canvassed for if people would speak for you if you make a complaint at work.
They were honest.
Yet others clearly will despite they know nothing and claims I was looking around for you are allegedly based on my looking out a window, come on how is that fair, you weren’t even in at the time I’m told.
Now, I cannot eat, cannot sleep, I’m feeling terrified I will be sacked and unemployable elsewhere for something I haven’t done. I am close to breaking, because all I have done is be nice and if anyone has been around or looking at anyone it isn’t me.
So why am I suffering day after day after day, terrified of walking into a room you’re in in case that sets you off, if its not already too late.
I am half a mind to beg you for my job, but will I make it worse?
Why am I being punished for literally nothing I haven’t hounded or barely spoken to you. What have I done at least talk to me, don’t tell others I’m a monster stalker when I’m not.
Help me, I’m losing my head in this I am at the end of my rope dangling waiting for the support to be yanked out any second and didn’t touch you never made a sexual comment, didn’t come up to you, didn’t look at you. I’m scared and didn’t do anything please please don’t do this to me

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