You’re survival is not important to me

If it is to you, I suggest you move to safety.

The Nuclear Winter voice of Zax broadcasts as the fire moves in.

I reckon at this point that’s how I interpret the actions of those who thought leaving me to my own devices in pursuit of their own goals and opportunities.

Perhaps somewhere along my path I gave a similar impression to a few. I would say that’s not exactly true so much as conditions no longer provided a homeostasis that allowed for healthy, sustainable thought processes.

A girl who I considered friend once told me that her and a fella I was keen on had plotted an entire sequence of events on me…for what? To teach me a lesson? For sport? That’s some 1999 Cruel Intentions with Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillipe type shit. And every time she drank, she would go back to this space of discussion but when she’s sober it’s all generosity and invitations to events in company that seem kind.

How do you respond to someone laying that on you? I’d attempt to shrug it off, there were aspects of this person that I found had heroic qualities when I needed them but if I place these interactions on a scale the heaviness of having my own insecurities used against me makes me a sad girl.

What makes a friend friendly?

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