What’s the worst that could happen?

Snowed in with what the media has hyped up to be the storm of decades with my kid. We’ve been working on counting change and she’s been doing great, it had me wondering what the full scope of influence this might have on thought processes , speech orientation, and deductive/ predictive reasoning . I enjoy that she gives me things I hadn’t considered before to ponder on.

Her father’s work got him a hotel room close to work with another guy so they could make their shift today, but looking at the white out conditions outside and the vehicle barren 285, I’m wary it might be more than one night . Grateful my ma swooped in a week before with a massive cache of food I was able to share with some local friends. The powers still on, and generous hands work continuously to clear the pathways to make things easier when the storm lightens up.

We ordered Raya and the Last Dragon last night to make a cozy night in. It’s all about the attempt to craft a unified social collective through trust, and at it’s respective points had both of us weeping. It is a sweet but challenging sentiment when she tells me she doesn’t want me to die and that I’ll live forever. I suspect this has something to do with me trying to teach her the emergency phone numbers for just in case.

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