Shooting Stars

Oh your beautiful soul!

Dropping blessings everywhere

Running amuck and still

Being a splendid masterpiece

And a wonderful work in progress!

Come lay down your bones.

Rest easy.

Knowing in this plethora of light that your

Existence makes

Any dawn brighter!

Any stars shine more!

Oh heavenly world,

Oh captivating and infuriating shooting star.

My thoughts got dizzy, my heart

Full since the minute you came around.

Oh relentless and rambunctious


You rattle my bones.

You pivot my empty to feeling whole.

Let me dance in your majestic kindling!

One thought on “Shooting Stars”

  1. It feels like him. It’s so sad. And crazy. Why’d you have to take it so far? Why’d you never agree to talk about it? You remember me? Before. Hum. No matter who you’re writing for, it’s beautiful. How do we find the way back when it’s gotten so dark? And how I find the way forward? To forgive? If the person I think of wrote such poems for me, I’d want to know.

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