After Hours

“This is how she wants it.” That’s what the man said before I boarded the train. That part was crystal clear. But I woke up immediately after he said that. I thought about it all day. A lot of the dream is fuzzy now, but I know there was a burgeoning relationship between us. I don’t remember why I was living with your family, just that there were at least a couple times we were about to be intimate that one of your parents walked in and interrupted us, accosting me for taking advantage of you while I lived in their house. After one of these encounters I was told to leave. I walked by your room, to see you before I left. But your door was locked and it sounded like you were listening to sad/breakup music. So I walked out the door, (conveniently your house was right next to the train tracks), and I walked towards the train, seemingly waiting there for me. Then the man (train porter? your brother? Idk) came up to me and said “This is how she wants it.”

And like I said, I thought about it all day, but I figured it out in about the first 5 minutes I was awake. You want this to be Diana Prince and Steve Trevor, or maybe Princess Diana and Charles Windsor. Mary and Mr. Pamuk or Mary and Matthew. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, or Catelyn and Ned Stark, or maybe Talisa and Robb Stark. Juliet and Romeo. You want this to be a tragedy, in the classical sense. Two lovers who can’t be together because of impossible circumstances. But here’s the thing….

We can be.

Tell me I’m wrong.

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