And then there was nothing..

Been thinking a lot about you lately.. I wonder what could have been if I hadn’t messed it all up… or if you had actually talked to me about what happened. What hurt the most was that you took someone else’s word without even talking to me. I thought we ran deeper than that. The truth was I didn’t know how to tell you. I was scared. What it created instead was a monster and a formidable silence that can’t be broken.

The hurt after forgiveness

I’ve finally reached that point of forgiveness, where nothing from the past matters. It doesn’t bother me anymore and every mistake on both sides were because we are human.

I forgive you

But there’s still that stabbing pain that comes with it…the acceptance of everything including the fact that I’ve truly lost a friend due to the bitterness, pain and anger on both sides

That’s what hurts me now Beautiful

Take care
Old man