Tomorrow do I talk, stay silent or……what?

I am terrified, I had it all mapped out, what I would say, and it sounded right. But the hours are ticking down. In a few hours I will see you.
What scares me first is, will I even get the alone time, will I have the chance to speak to you.
I envisage it 100s of ways, there you are as I get out my car ” Hey xxxxx got a minute”
And I start to say what I rehearsed, then xxxx interrupts us, or someone else.
Another variant is, you say “Look, can you just leave me alone” or else, ” I don’t want to talk about this”
I don’t have a plan for that except to maybe say “Are we cool”?
Then a hurried “Just want you to know I am not mislead by anything you say or d

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