Just what to say?

Ok this is just spitballing but i think i got it

Hey xxx let me introduce myself i’m xxx i think you met my brother, looks just like me but he is a total dick.
LOL Seriously, i know you said you were cool with me, but i didnt feel i ever really apologised, and i kinda felt that maybe where you used to come say bye, or come say lets take a break, or we would chat, now, maybe you hate if i message you, dont feel comfortable asking me a favour, or reluctant to chat like we did, or dont want to specifically come over and say bye because i may misread things.

So i wanted you to know, i agree with your reasons you said, and more than that, i really enjoyed how we got on, i felt we had a good bond, workwise and as friends, maybe you dont i dont know, anyway, i promise no nice gesture, no innuendo, no touch or request for a favour is going to make me think you are interested.
But maybe even me saying so you feel uncomfortable with me, so i wanted to clear the air, if i am making you feel bad or awkward, i will stay out your way be quiet and when we work together just do my work and stick to that, politely but thats all.
I really really dont want to have destroyed a good relationship by being a total dick, and have you cringe if you see a text or see me coming to ask you to have a break, and so want me to steer clear but, this is my doing so if you want that i apologise for my actions and accept with respect.
If however you can forgive me, well i promise you not to be such a moron again, i know totally if you had been interested you would of said, and also that there are reasons, good ones, it would be silly to anyway so i am not going to think, oh she touched me, im in, or hey she joked about nudity so she must like me etc, or wow she asked me to do x so she wants me, i know the deal and am happy, heck if you tell me you have a bf, then so long as you are happy, me too, that is why i am saying this, i want to be friends, but i want you to be comfortable with things most of all, if you are, then i am thankful for a 2nd chance and wont ever ever be a moron again, so just tell me can i build trust again or do you prefer i keep my distance?

I hope i remember all this and, that i get chance to say it, i hope you will let me be your friend again, i learned my lesson and i will definitely be just a friend it is more than enough, thank you

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