Its almost our 12th year

In our 12th year memory i still feel same as first day i knew you when we was just 25 you were pretty, beautiful, shining muy everyday , and the only one who can extract whole of my feelings out even with your craziness and your on and off times, i was really still loving you but .. the day i refused you back because your weren’t actually ready to back and from that day 5 years ago i never speak out the truth to you i am just vanished out of your life with my pain i just hided it deep inside me and gone even i knew from mu family you asked about me once or twice and no one was able to give you any clear answer . That’s because when i saw you married and happy and got a baby i said to myself it’s really over . Totally over and no way back .. i won’t talk about the feeling what caused me to cut you off and refuse even any kind of communications with you because i told you one day i afraid you make me go away because if i am gone i know myself i will never back and it was as i said because i am straight man who respects himself and his word , i stepped on my heart many times but I wasn’t able to do it again that’s why i left you that day in the hotel and i never look behind i really changed that day after you refused officially getting marry with me but the weird thing is you say you still love me .. i just left and i am totally cracked and i was expecting your answer before i meet you , and untill today i still see you unhappy in your new life and asking about me and i still as I promised you absence and exists around you by you don’t feel not because i want you back but because you werenthe only home to me i knew in this life .. i am sorry for being hard to you but i gave you what you wanted that time your total freedom even i am still single and just working hard … Refusing dozens of girls untill today i just can’t feel any of them
I am fine don’t worry about me somewhere very far on earth alone working hard , fighting covid 19 like everyone , composing new songs and writing lyrics alone, and i still watch the rain when it’s fall sitting front of house when i am free and watch it … Nowadays you really hit my mind too much i feel you not ok but i hope you’re ok .. even after 20 years as i said to you my soul will be always around you i want nothing but just to see you fine and the best always .. past is past you’re beautiful mom now protect yourself, your daughter and your husband from any danger around we’re all in this together and i hope we can pass safely take care of yourself my ……
Your …..

Count the dots to find our names šŸ™‚

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