If I had to be honest and tell you how I truly feel

I was inspired by this tik tok video that asked, “what would you say to the person that you want to be with?”

If I got to tell you how I truly feel. Is that from the time I met you when we were 12 years old, is that you are truly one of kind and are special. Your spirit and energy are just so beautiful and that you are filled with light and love. The funny thing is that you make me want to be better, when I’m usually the person who encourages others to be better versions of themselves. When we last connected, I felt a warmth and a sense of peace that I’ve never experienced before. To this day from 2014, I have not made that connection with anyone. I think about you often and I’ll wonder if we are truly meant to be or if we’ll ever get the opportunity? I know right now you’re dealing with a lot and have somethings you’ll have to figure out. Either way just know that I love you and always have.

I saw this comment by a person who posted to the tik tok mentioned above “I would say let your guard down, give me a chance to love you, and I’ll love you properly. You have my heart. I’ve already fallen for you.”

Hoping that one day I get to tell you all of this in person and that you’ll be receptive to the idea of you and I together forever.

One thought on “If I had to be honest and tell you how I truly feel”

  1. So sad. As a male and distanced from my one. But this rings true for me.

    I’ll never stop loving you. although I knew you for 3 days and then one or two awkward days

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