All worked up

I spent the day trying to find words for family of mine, still so enamored with the promise of Trump that they think the nation is now doomed

Oh no! Those oil men and women aren’t going to get their Keystone pipeline to work on so the governments dooming us.

I try to explain about the indigenous communities living on the land, who protested it before the groundwork was ever laid out who had rubber bullets rained down on them from their ancestral burial grounds, or the 400,000 gallons of crude oil that’s already spilled into the wetlands ecosystems. I provide articles on the treaties that promised the protection of these lands to the communities…

And the response I get? That’s just the way it is. They don’t even touch the information I provide from perfectly credible sources, instead citing that because their great great grandparents had a house on land that was taken for a water tower in Cali during the dustbowl, that it’s totally legit for this to happen now and Lo! She fuckin supports it to the point of saying the nations rubbish now that they’re reversing the decision. The fuck is this.

I’m gonna go have a toast for Flint.

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