So sick

Dear L

I am so sick and tired of being your so called friend. You are such a bitch who cares about nothing but herself, how you look and where you live, oh and what stupid ridiculous designer purses hang in your closet. You have no shred of empathy, of human decency.

You help me out once or twice, but you are a crazy thoughtless bitch who would rather make everyone suffer all around you. You don’t even know where your son is!

How can you compare motherhood to my experience? When I literally want my child and spend time with him every day WHILE working? And being sober as fuck? I would give anything for my family, including shoving you off a cliff overall, I think you have done more harm than good in my life, and I am ready to see you fall. Heck I might even be the one to push you over the ledge.

Go fuck yourself.

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