In the spirit of…

I used to go to the skating rinks all the time as a kid. Astro skate had this really dope outer space setup, and arcade cases lining the wall with Mortal Kombat and other influential titles.

I’d meet a bunch of kids at a white gazebo outside a diner in Safety Harbor for a community gathering periodically where we’d chow down on pizza and have a skate off in space that culminated in a dance party in the back room on the skateboard ramps. Tootsie Roll was one I remember being played often.

My ma got my kid a pair of skates this year for Christmas, so I took it upon myself to get a sparkly black pair of skates for myself. It’ll be fun to get reacquainted. Recently we ordered this parallel lift bar for exercise at home and I’m letting the kid get used to standing on the skates with that to get her prepped for the outdoors.

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