You ever see that movie?

Whatever illness passed through our house did so with relative ease (may that remain so). A few days hidden away with a stuffy nose and lethargy for me. Enough stillness to really take in and research what I was watching manifest over in Washington D.C.

I remember the protesters in Denver after Floyd having alerts sent to their phone that they were breaking curfew to prove that they had outside eyes on their location.

I see the reports of the attempted insurrection coming in, the proud selfies of this group staging their space to be remembered in history. All it took was the blood sacrifice of 4, probably more lives in this particular instance.

I mean, it’s not inconceivable. Plenty of people are wrongfully imprisoned under impartial or circumstantial evidence and the art of the cover up is not new to us, neither is the knowledge that foreign investors have their projects of influence.

I recently read about Trump pardoning the Blackwater murderers? A young boy was shot in the head in the car he was traveling in. This is the leader that’s got these people in a devotional ferver?

I am reminded of those ride or die types, family members of serial killers and rapists who are unwilling to acknowledge the grief and devastation their progeny inflicts on the community and further more the lengths that they go to protect them.

Not to get too off subject here, I’m just saying there are those who don’t teach how to maintain their own ranks in such a way to champion a civil structure that can assure safe passage and autonomy in discourse over active delegations that define the entity and personality of our nation and the speed that information travels through that hive.

Home of the brave and all that.

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