Who, what, why

Who am I, what does anyone care, and why do I bother? I work hard, I give as much as I can, I love as much as I can, but it is all taken for granted and sometimes I wonder if it is all worth the suffering and effort. The answer is, absolutely yes. I don’t work hard for me, I work hard for my family. Do they always appreciate it? No. But as long as I can last long enough to see them all grown up and happy, I’ll be happy. Although life can get you down sometimes, hang in there. In the best way, it’s not about you. It’s about them. Those precious, innocent lives that rely on you to guide them and support them. Life’s hard, and the best way to prepare them for it is to stay tough and show them that, whatever life throws at you, you are unmoved and in control. I want my children to be better equipped than me, and that means I have to be better than me. Rise above yourself, and the very best person you can be

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