New Years Eve

My kid just threw up all over her comforter.

A few days ago we returned from visiting my husband’s family in Idaho. The airports New departure rituals do nothing to prevent crowding together and every seat is full on our extremely early flights. In Idaho, though the company is kind and loving , and the home is beautiful and surrounded by great tall pines and perfect winter snows. When we go out I see a mixed bag of people in public establishments just unwilling to participate in mask safety precautions out in public and though I try my best to avoid bringing sickness into the home, here we are now.

The kid is sick, and I’m letting my lady friend know we’ll have to reschedule our hangout. Good then I cooked up that chicken noodle soup when we got back.

You hear about the guy who got cut in half and was found in two suitcases a few blocks away? My husband exclaims “what is this with this Mad Max shit all of a sudden!” As this was only one of many violence displays I’ve read about in returning.

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