Dear Mom,

You are a crazy narcissistic bitch. How dare you hurt my son, how dare you lie to me and manipulate me. How dare you take our hard-earned money and then by a crazy expensive chair that costs more than any piece of furniture in our house!

I fucking hate you. I hate all the games. I hate all of the bullshit. I hate all of it. I hate that it has 42 years and you still haven’t changed.

I made myself day for you- for you to love me. I lied for you, covered for you and let you near my son. My brilliance, yes, brilliance made you so crazy with jealousy that you had to tear me down and tear me apart.

You are subtle and masterful, I will give you that, but I am the real deal. Fuck you, mom.

I have all the shit you want, and I know it. You even want to fuck my husband, you sick bitch.

Right now, as I type this, I am pregnant with a little girl. I will not let you destroy her life, or my son’s, the way you destroyed mine.

You underestimate me. I no longer need you. I do not want you. It makes me angry that all of these people are dying of COVID and you are just fine. Go fuck yourself. All of those people deserve a fighting chance, and you, well, you deserve to be alone.

Also, fuck you for turning my sister into a mirror image of you. She was once a sweet little girl, who was just a little too insecure… And you manipulated the fuck out of her.

Fuck you, and I wish you would die.

Damn, I feel much better now.

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