One thought on “Fear or whatever”

  1. @author sorry for the rant on your post I know you are not who I am replying to I just could relate to your post..and needed to vent and I couldn’t post a letter of my own for some reason.

    I didn’t reach out over Christmas/New years because I just wanted to know if what you said was truth or a lie you thought I wanted to hear.

    I just wanted to know if I was family like you said.

    Families wish each other Happy Christmas and New Years .And after the year we’ve had when we need family more than ever, your silence confirmed the lie.

    Don’t come back for me this year, you can ring and hang up as much as you like. You used the pandemic last year to get back in my life and I fell for it…only to be left feeling used again. I’m tired of you getting my hopes up then letting me fall…

    My fear for 2021 is you coming back…because this year I have no expectations and YOU have nothing I want or need.

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