Waste of time

I’m sorry. I’m sorry because out of fear and thoughts that you deserve better than me, I pushed you away and got you to hate me. I thought you were bluffing when you said there were many girls wishing for your attention, but now that you’ve got one, you’ve ignored me, dropped me aside and rightly so. I’m jealous. I don’t know what I want. I want you but i don’t deserve you. i’m not good for you. I’m not pretty, filled with flabs, flanks, and gas… I swear i’m not pretty. I’m not humble, i don’t cook, i’m insecure, i need constant reassurance, i’m boring, i’m rude… You were right, I should be alone. I should leave you alone… but i’m scared. I’m selfish and too lonely. so please ask me again…

2 thoughts on “Waste of time”

  1. None of us are perfect, and whoever he is, this guy isn’t either. It also sounds like he’s been deliberately making you feel insecure in order to keep you on the hook. He certainly doesn’t sound good for you.
    Why chase someone who makes you feel bad about yourself?
    It might be hard right now, but try to switch off your feelings from him. You don’t want to miss someone good, because you’re too busy looking at someone bad.
    Focus on yourself for a while and rediscover what’s great about you. You deserve love and respect for who you are, and if he isn’t into that, he’s not the right guy for you

  2. You only have this life.
    Don’t make it another’s burden to resolve your fear for you.
    You won’t grow from it if you don’t try.
    Take the chance the worst that can happen is they have moved on and you won’t have to wonder any more.
    Or they can reach back to you later, knowing that you were open, maybe they will revisit this later when they are open.

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