Today I wear fear

Neatly wash off last nights vision. Choose from closet. Pick some members of obedience. Apply a little sarcasm. Nourish the muted heart. Rub it in carefully. Use some honesty classified. You don’t want that mess. Go with the flow, smile. Be careful with happy. Content is key.

One thought on “Today I wear fear”

  1. Wash off dreams gently.
    Chose attitude over denial.
    Picked battles I can win.
    Covered sarcasm with smiles.
    Nourished my longing heart with good deeds.
    Used honestly deliberately.
    You get what you give.
    Swam against the steam as usual.
    Success was mine.
    Be careful with contentment
    or regret is yours.
    Happiness in true is key
    unless you enjoy fooling yourself.
    Others don’t buy it. 😉

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