Backed into a corner…

I wasn’t surprised to not get an answer back from you. Actually, I got exactly what I had expected. Ignored as usual. What was surprisingly entertaining to me though is that I told you how I felt about that along with all of everything else. To be honest, I thought that I might still get angry about it and let you get under my skin over it and that scared me. It scared me because then you could purposely push me, harassing me with all your ugliness towards me, purposely making the argument worse and worse even though I repeatedly ask to be left alone. You wont though and you never do. You take pride in the fact that you outright refuse to leave me alone when I scream at you to leave me alone, begging you to leave me alone until it overwhelms me and I can’t even catch my breath because you WANT me to get up and hit you so that you can cry victim. You back me into a corner and verbally abuse me, assaulting me with all of your “love” for me, degrading me and calling me names while you continuously bring up things from the past that you cant stop emotionally and mentally beating me up for…. and I am supposed to be okay with just sitting there and allowing you to verbally abuse me on a mental and emotional abuse level? How am I ever going to learn from my mistakes and move on from them if you cant shut the fuck up about them especially when you cant even acknowledge and admit your own? Ultimately? Fuck you. You’re a piece of shit and I will ALWAYS be a better person than you.

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