If Milk Bar closes

I’ll at least have that memory of the club owner complimenting me on my presence there and handing me a flier for the next event. Another nearby waify dancer who’d been nearby the whole night was offended she did not have as warmly regarded interaction leaving and cast her evil eye and horns back my way and toward the club.

I also had a grand time at the Valentines burlesque freakshow, enjoyed the sights and had a number of solid ladies nights with gal pals. I appreciated the variously themed rooms in the club and broad array of tunes, suprised to hear The Knife there on a number of occassions . I encountered a number of interestingly dressed people I enjoyed sharing the dance room with who complimented me on my choice of dress and sweet moves.

The Church nightclub is a different story , while I appreciated the architectural aesthetic on the husk of a cathedral type church in the heart of downtown Denver the company we would run into seemed a shade more dangerous.

Oh I told you about the warehouse rave right? Another time then.

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