I’m having a very strange day today, maybe I forgot to take my medication last night…

I had a dream about you and it made me think very deeply about you. I hear you had a child :), my daughter fills my heart with so much happiness, I hope your kid does the same. Did you get married? My wife is more than I deserve… Thats basically all I can say about that ha. Either way, I hope.you had a moment where you knew he was the one, its a nice feeling to be so sure about someone you love.

Sometimes I feel like I want to reach out to you… I don’t know what I would say and I don’t because I’m sure your response isn’t something I want to hear… I am curious if you think about me… like, positively ha. I hope you understand that I was unhappy with my life and although I did and said things I didn’t mean I loved you very much.

One thought on “K”

  1. I hope you’re well. I’m glad you got married. I hope you love her and she loves you. You’re right, you shouldn’t contact me. I’m still angry even after all of these years.

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