After all these years

No one has ever made me feel the way I feel for you. I don’t know why that is, after all these years. It doesn’t feel the same to meet the gaze of another. It felt like a blessing at first, but maybe it’s a curse now since I’ll probably never see you again. I wish we were at least friends before these feelings hit. It would’ve made it easier for me to talk to you and just be comfortable around your presence. I’d spend the nights imagining how to greet you and how our conversation could go. But whenever I saw you, all the plans went out the door and I just forget the words I wanted to say. All we ever did was just stare at each other. The longer this went on, I felt like I was undeserving of you. My low self-esteem certainly didn’t help at all. I wish we had met at a different time or that I was different then because now I’m stuck here missing the things that could’ve been.

2 thoughts on “After all these years”

  1. Haven’t just visited there, lived it for a long time and I agree with Britney, it sucks. On the other side it is like a training facility for the emotional side of we humans. It is a painful but, in a weird way, wonderful way of connecting to the raw you. It doesn’t happen overnight but it can and will happen. I believe it makes us, not just different, but better people. After all you were incredible to share this with us and we are incredibly blessed to be able to respond. We are not as fragile as assumed, we are actually pretty damn resilient. Thank you for being you.

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