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Sometimes people add me on Facebook from abroad. I enjoy getting an eye outside of my home territory when I get a chance because it allows me some different insight into how other people think and function.
Sometimes if it seems like a fishing scam, I’ll report the conversation.. other times I’ll find something unprecedented… like a whole string of public execution videos being talked about and praised. I watched a man with a tire hanging around his next get burned alive. It was too much, I dont know if reporting does a damn thing to the sheer quantity of violence I saw openly and in Facebook’s realm.

Most recently, a man from Bangladesh who added me from some time ago but never attempted conversation before was messaging me. His posts were well regarded in his community. Initially I used google translate to attempt basic conversation back, basic how do you dos. Perhaps I mistake that he’s asking about art stuff because so many of the ones that do find me are artists. He or they try to video call but I say no and make him a little portrait instead. He asks me how I do, so I show different art support links, but he attempts to video call again , so I end the conversation and tag it for potential suspicions. A few days later, I’m recieving a barrage of video calls again, I say no and stop but it’s like some horror movie bullshit. Hes sending calls so frequently I have a hard time accessing block from the interruption . I report it but just yesterday I got a page invite from the guy. My husband says that that sort of open friendship should probably cease , only accept invites from people I know. He doesn’t think I should delete the whole Facebook account, that’s a lot of family friend/communication storage .

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