So long

So long the broken, promised words.

You were beautiful

Celestial light, overflowing love,

Spilled heartbreak that were mended by

Your nimble fingers and sharp dance moves.

At last you are free, whitest dove,

Purest first snowfall,

Dim light igniting up rooms of my heart!

So long flower bouquets and songbirds.

I have found what it is like

To exhale, to breath notes of love

In another’s arms.

Foolishly. I Surrender to this love.
Oh stubborn beast!

Love yourself gently

Live your life daringly

Think of me softly

Until I am not there at all.

You were a beautiful love

Meant for an ethereal splendor.

One day, you will find love breaking down your door

Answer it with open arms my love.

So long, so long, so long!

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