I know you’re here, Wolf

To Who Howls at the Moon,
I could not help but follow the sound of your wail.
You whined of pains that I knew so well.
Your words spoke to me as if they were my own, and so I harmonized as I walked to your cliff. I arrived.
You sang me so many songs, so happy someone would listen the cries you only could tell the sky. You sang me promises of a love larger than the world as your eyes glittered like the stars.
In return I put myself in the path of the hunters without a thought because you would do the same for me, or so I thought.
I have followed your wail for years, hoping to teach you a ballad of joy.
I have seen your wounds and have done my best to stitch them closed.
Yet you never heard my lullabies of loneliness, or held me as I cried.
Recently I have tried to share your pain, but you bit me. You pulled out your stitches and opened your scars just so you can bleed and wail once more because I wasn’t enough. All the same I cleaned them up and bandaged you. I was always there for you.
An old audience member came back to listen to your songs. I knew she was there. I was happy you had someone else to talk to. I wish you talked to me more but if she was helping I understood.
I didn’t know you left the cliff to see her. I didn’t know you sang her the same songs you sang to me.
Then you said we needed time apart. I asked why and received no answer. I thought there was a chance but it hurt.
I was broken, and sad. I was bruised and wounded. You needed someone stronger because I wasn’t enough. The stars of love you had in your eyes for me was over casted by clouds of her.
Your love is like the moon, it has phases until its gone completely.
I tried to ask for another chance but I heard you singing for her. You were as we were still together.
You broke every promise you ever made to me, like breaking my bones. It wasn’t until you ripped out my heart I even noticed it’s all I had left. I was eaten alive by the shame you made me feel, and tossed on the large pile of all the old audience members, rotting, broken, and worthless.

What did I expect by falling in love with a selfish Wolf?

– Your Burden

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