I miss you

I miss you.

I feel you’re here, comments, some posts but I guess that’s just part of me missing you.

If it was valid there’d be real life communication, but there’s not.

How do we undo the damage that’s been done? I think of this sometimes, so many memories, so many years and years that have passed since I last saw you, since we were whatever we were.

I made so many mistakes, we both did but now in reality it only really matters if the connection is real, and I haven’t heard from you in reality so I have to just keep going, trying to go forward and accept things as they are.

I’m looking for a sign, but it has to be real.

For my bit I’m sorry it all got so out of hand. It should have killed the love and longing for you really, yet it hasn’t.

9 thoughts on “I miss you”

  1. I’m in the same sich. What kind of sign would sate your desire for such? For me, it would be the color of the shirt they wore when I guessed it. “Guessed” is not correct, actually. I reached out with my mind and saw it. Somehow. And they know I’m not one for the metaphysical. They might know what the color was but like you, I’m making wishful connections on here that I only fool myself into believing actually exist, during that waning hours of the evening. And like you, whatever connection we had will continue to dim; our severed friendship growing smaller on the horizon such that we have to squint to see it. And squint and strain we will. Peace.

    1. A sign would be direct contact. I can’t do it now. I’ve tried and failed before. It has to be him.

      Can you describe your person?

      1. Short – around 5-3, I’m guessing. Blue eyes. A smile that claws it’s way into my chest. K-9s are slightly more pronounced than usual, which drives me crazy. Pronounced chin. Hair varies in style.

  2. Oh, and as far as undoing the damage… I’m not sure about your circumstances but in my case, any damage would be quickly alleviated by both of us acknowledging the truth, which you have so succinctly yet beautifully achieved with the three simple words in your title. That’s all it would take for me, anyway. A tall order for some – it does require a certain amount of momentary humility and vulnerability. ‘Pride before the fall’? In front of them, I have no other option than to be weak. It is the power that they yield but would rather relinquish, I suppose.

  3. I miss you too. I think you know that wherever you are. I don’t think there’s any room for us as we were, but maybe there’s room somehow for something more tangible than what is right now, without fucking everything else up.

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