How Original

Extreme daddy issues. Refusal to open up or expose any vulnerability whatsoever. Won’t respond positively to anything other than neglect and abuse because of conditioning. Feels no need to give anything of themself because of the hurt inflicted by others in the past. Enjoys inflicting pain.
Cannot conceptualize how anyone would feel aggrieved by their actions, no matter how mean-spirited or self-consumed. No capacity for empathy for others, because no one offered any when it was needed the most. Craves attention and recognition from strangers because never got it at home as a child. Therefore everything must be a public spectacle. Embraces alternative lifestyles to create an aura of specialness; won’t believe anyone who just thinks they’re naturally special. Thinks showing respect is a sign of weakness while manipulation is a form of strength. Thinks any genuine gesture of love or affection is fraudulent; while mistaking blatant fakeness for authenticity. Thinks anyone who wouldn’t constantly exploit all of the painfully obvious aforementioned to their advantage is a loser because thats all you know. I’d feel bad for you if I didn’t think you’d hold that against me too. So tough.

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