My oh my, how the tables have turned honey. Mom showed me your post from yesterday. You provided an update on your situation. I know I shouldn’t be elated but I guess that’s what happens when you begin breaking hearts to marry that whale. However, I feel for you bc I know this is having a deep effect on you and your children. I really do hope y’all come up with an amicable solution for the sake of the kids. But bro, I told you she wasn’t for you. But you ain’t want me. God forgive me but I need to know what happened. Funny enough that I have been having dreams with you after not thinking of you for quite some time. I was getting these signs.

Nevertheless, I still think you’re my soulmate and that we will end up together but you and I have to get our shit together. I really am aiming for two years. Year 30, let’s get it.

I need to chill bc y’all could end up back together but idk this time.

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