A sacrifice

Did I ever tell you about the time I was offered up as a symbolic sacrifice?
On a rare night I had a babysitter a few years back, my husband and I went to an Axeslasher show at the Hi Dive. I had been warned ahead of time that the singer very often used a prosthetic disembodied head to spray fake blood into the crowd, so I prepared my very best attire. I wore a powder blue sweater with a giant 1950s snowman on the front.

They saw. Halfway through the set, there I am front and center , and I see the singer hold up the head and aim right for me.

I’m walking out of there looking like a slasher flick dripping with blood splatter. Good Times.


My oh my, how the tables have turned honey. Mom showed me your post from yesterday. You provided an update on your situation. I know I shouldn’t be elated but I guess that’s what happens when you begin breaking hearts to marry that whale. However, I feel for you bc I know this is having a deep effect on you and your children. I really do hope y’all come up with an amicable solution for the sake of the kids. But bro, I told you she wasn’t for you. But you ain’t want me. God forgive me but I need to know what happened. Funny enough that I have been having dreams with you after not thinking of you for quite some time. I was getting these signs.

Nevertheless, I still think you’re my soulmate and that we will end up together but you and I have to get our shit together. I really am aiming for two years. Year 30, let’s get it.

I need to chill bc y’all could end up back together but idk this time.