4 thoughts on “Alrighty. Got it.”

  1. Maybe you should tell the person this: perhaps the person you’re interested would like to get to know you better but is shy, doesn’t yet feel welcomed to engage casual conversation with you or is oblivious to your liking them that way.


  2. Does the person know that they are welcome to message and get to know you? Maybe they feel funny about doing that and just prefer/wish to have some sort of welcoming or encouragement before intruding into your personal life. If they’re just a jerk then my apologies.

    1. Mark, I’m too old to be engaging in this too-shy-for-school teenager bullshit. I’m talking about what once seemed to be a great, encouraging friendship that went to shit for no good reason. And honestly, that’s fine too because all relationships come and go. What’s annoying is seeing grown-ass people holding themselves to childish behavior for a false sense of self-preservation. I’ve hit a stride in life wherein I actively seek out what I know makes me happy. They haven’t and that is why this friendship doesn’t work.

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