we met in january. you seemed godsent to me. you told me you loved me in april. i could say it back until may, even though i knew i did in march.

in june, i found that you had been lying to me about literally everything. having a gf of three years + messaging random people on dating apps, having fake profiles on FB where you’d scam older women for their money with sex.

i forgave you like a fucking idiot, because i still saw you as a hurt person who needed the love i had to give.

it’s august. you moved in with me earlier this month. last night, i took all of your things to your moms while you were at work bc i decided i can’t be with someone who doesn’t even realize they lie.

i found all your new fake profiles and seen how you have me and my family and coworkers blocked…how you even found my coworkers, is beyond me. you’ve been using my car while i sleep to go to hotels and meet up with random women, then you come home and touch me without even washing your fucking hands. i hate you. i hate what you’ve made me.

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