whatever whoever whenever

I didn’t censor myself. You did. I’m sorry but not trusting you was self protection. Till this day I think this wasn’t too wrong.

2 thoughts on “whatever whoever whenever”

  1. Isn’t it true that the moment you don’t fully trust a person you automatically censor yourself.. at least to a certain extent?
    Don’t know who you have in mind with those words but maybe, like in my case, it was you pulling out the mental red pen and not so much the other?

    Just food for thought.

  2. Most people with a past cling to self protection. Trust is earned, goes both ways and at a certain point at least One just has to jump to gain the rest of the other. If not accepted, it is like a self made & self fulfilling prophecy and the cycle continues. One goes out hurt, yet again, but knowing all is tried. The other keeps wondering why they never find what the heart really wants.
    Next to many factors, Communication is key but both have to want it

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