Enigmatic musings

A quiet Sunday night, light rain outside. We cook a nice salad and pasta for dinner, working together so well as a team. I wash the veggies while you cut them (cause you’re good at slicing!). While the pasta is boiling, I offer you a glass of ______, your favorite wine. We eat and drink and laugh. After dinner I take care of the dishes, which I hate, but you worked really hard this week and I just want you to relax. We finish the night cuddled up on the couch watching an animal doc. Maybe something about aquatic creatures, to match the vibe of the rain outside?

Its Day 4 of our first beach vacation together, but really time has lost all meaning for us. I insist on putting on your sunscreen for you, just to give me another chance to touch you all over. You pull out a book while I curl up next to you on the beach. I ask if you wouldn’t mind reading to me a little. You tell me that’s silly since you’re halfway through the book and I probably wouldn’t like it. But I tell you its ok, and I watch the waves come crashing towards us, the hot sand on my back, your voice in my ear, til I fall asleep for a little nap.

The year is 2048. Due to a recent promotion (Great work hunny!) you have an exciting new client: Spacificor Holdings Ltd. Your first meeting is at their offworld headquarters, and because the trip to Mars will take a few months (thanks to new advances in FTL travel) you invite me to come with you since that would be too long to be apart. Taking off was scary, but I grabbed your hand and held it tight and told you everything was going to be ok. When we left Earth’s atmosphere, we looked through the window at the blue and green orb that was the only home we’d ever known. It was so beautiful, and there’s no one I’d rather be with to see it.

Anywhere, anytime, as long as we’re together, that’s all that matters.

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